The Benefits of Live Answering Services for Property Managers and Tenants

A property management answering service can be an invaluable tool for both property managers and tenants. The experts at Apello explain that having a dedicated team available 24/7 to field calls and inquiries can greatly improve communication, response times, and overall satisfaction for all parties involved. Below we explore the many benefits live answering services offer for property managers and tenants alike.

Streamlined Communication

One of the biggest advantages answering services provide is serving as a single point of contact for all inquiries. Whether it is an emergency maintenance issue in the middle of the night or a tenant who wants to pay rent, everything goes through the answering service call center. This eliminates the game of phone tag tenants might otherwise endure when trying to reach the property manager directly during business hours. 

Quicker Resolution of Maintenance Issues  

Given that maintenance emergencies do not conveniently happen Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, having round-the-clock coverage is essential. Whether it is a broken water heater at 3 AM or a clogged toilet on Saturday, the answering service makes sure the on-call maintenance technician is contacted asap. 

Improved Tenant Retention

Fielding maintenance calls is just one small piece of what a full-service property management answering service provides. Their teams serve as an extension of the property management office, managing an array of tenant inquiries. Whether it is questions about lease terms, payment processing, local services, or community events, they work to resolve issues immediately or direct to the right resource. 

Enhanced Reputation  

For property managers overseeing large real estate portfolios, it is simply impossible to be immediately responsive 24/7 when issues arise. Nevertheless, when callers reach a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the line that shows urgency in addressing their needs, it gives renters confidence despite the property manager being unavailable. 

Having a professional call center function as an extension of one’s own office improves tenant satisfaction scores and enhances reputation. Online reviews highlighting great communication and quick response times via the answering service can help attract prospective renters in competitive markets.

Decreased Liability

When emergency issues arise after hours or on weekends, delays in response times can result in substantial property damage and even put residents at risk. Without an answering service, property managers must rely on individual site managers or superintendents to field off-hour calls. However, if they fail to answer or do not urgently contact emergency personnel, it leaves dangerous gaps. 

Access to Specialized Expertise  

While answering service agents are not expected to be HVAC technicians or master electricians, the best teams are specialists in the property management industry. Their expertise managing residential and commercial properties provides efficiency a general call center lacks.

They understand common system troubleshooting steps rental managers employ and use appropriate terminology when contacting local tradespeople to dispatch emergency repairs. Such specialization results in faster, more targeted issue resolution.


Implementing a 24-hour answering service dramatically improves operations for both property management companies and the renters they serve. Having seasoned experts available around the clock to field all inquiries provides continuity of communication that would not otherwise be feasible. 

This unique service delivery model is key for enhancing reputation through better tenant satisfaction while also minimizing costs and liability risks resulting from delays in response time for urgent maintenance needs after hours or on weekends. With so many advantages, it is clear why more and more residential and commercial property managers are turning to outsourced answering services to support their portfolios while improving the overall quality of service delivery their tenants enjoy.

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