Top 4 Ways to Speed up Hiring Process This Season


Hiring process speed and turnaround time can take a toll on recruiters and talent hunters. Without the assistance of the AI-enabled applicant tracking system, the entire process can be redundant, time-consuming, and tiresome.

However, when HR teams are leveraging modern ATS modules, they can implement recruitment strategies to improve the overall quality of hire.

If you’re one such recruiter and dealing with hiring woes, this post is for you. Read the content ahead and find the top ways to speed up hiring, especially to remove lethargy, bias, and miscalculations from the process.

Top 4 Ways to Speed up Your Existing Hiring Process This Season 

AI job description and interview questions generator. 

With an online tool that helps you generate a complete package of job descriptions, skill sets, and interview questions, you save hours of your research time. Such AI tools for HRs reduce your guess and research work by 15 hours and pack the results in 15-30 seconds per job role.

Now, you can add new job roles in the tool to generate updated job descriptions and assessment questions. You can save the responses, tweak the same in the editor, and keep those in the draft.

It saves you time and the information you generate to hire new people quickly. Now, you can go on hiring different people during mass hiring and not worry about chasing the requisition manager for a job role description at length.

CV Parser to help you eliminate bias from the candidate pool. 

Invest in smart solutions and features to speed up the profiling of candidates. A CV Parser must be installed inside the applicant tracking system to generate effective results for you within seconds.

A smart and intelligent candidate pool will keep getting new resumes instead of your job vacancy. A high-performing recruiter like you would not have much time to read every resume at once.

However, you need to move further in the interview and feedback loop to close the hiring, especially when hiring in bulk for various positions.

The CV Parser can assist you in filtering the resumes based on keywords or key phrases you enter in the filter section. This way, you will have more appropriate resumes in front of you as per the culture and the job requirements.

Now, you will have fewer options and more time to sift through the best candidates the search engine will show you in the candidate or talent pool.

Offer letter management for faster selection and negotiations.

Your HRMS portal must have an in-build offer letter management module. This module must be in sync with the candidate or talent pool. So it is easier for you to send out offer letters on time.

The automated offer letter management module helps determine if the candidate has been sent a letter. If not, you can easily tweak and templatize the letter in the same interface. Save it and send it to the user with Accept or Reject buttons to click.

Once the candidate accepts the letter, the status of the candidate will change in the ATS from the offer letter rolled out to accept. The same is true when the candidate rejects the letter, and the status is rejected.

These are some of the default settings you will find in the modern ATS. However, you can always tweak these options from the configuration engine.

This offer letter management module helps you further in hiring multiple people at once. You can send offer letters to multiple people without switching tabs or interfaces with a modern, decentralized, and democratized recruitment engine or tool.

Schedule reminders to selected candidates.

You must keep engaging with the candidate to double up the speed of closing the deals and hiring favourable and top talent. For that, you can trigger action-based responses and emails from a modern ATS.

Alternatively, you can send 3-5-7-10 days email reminders to the candidates to either complete their application, accept or reject the offer letter, or proceed with their KYC.

This way, the recruiter does not have to rush or chase the candidate individually. The system does this work on their behalf and reports back to the recruiter on the pending applications to sort out after a period.


You read four creative, intelligent, automated, and action-based processes and tools that help you streamline and automate recruitment, profiling, and staffing activities on time. You can do more with less coding and effort when you go for a more scalable, configurable, and flexible ATS.

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